What is eEndorsements?

We use your reviews to build trust and increase business!

Verified Reviews

Real and verifiable reviews are vital for reputation management. We help you build trust and confidence while truly engaging your audience

Your Reviews Everywhere

Our software pushes your online reviews everywhere from social media sites to review sites and search engines. Reviews are the new SEO

Online Reputation Management

Promote 4 and 5 star reviews and talk to customers who gave mediocre ratings. Our review platform helps you automate reputation management

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Why Use eEndorsements Review Management System?

We Do Reputation Better and We Do It For Less

Automated Review Processing

Compare our managed review platform with more expensive self-serve sites. Take advantage of our 14 Day Free Trial or FREE USER account to find out why our automated system beats the others hands down. Start getting results

Great Reviews = More Revenue

Reviews and endorsements are the new SEO. Using site widgets and email friendly links, we automatically push positive reviews out to sites you choose. Simply put, we help you build client confidence, increase business and drive revenue

Help Your Clients Promote You

Peer to peer is the most powerful marketing. Our viral platform engages your clients and encourages them to generate thousands of positive reviews, ratings, posts, likes and tweets to build online reputation and increase business

Promote Your Reputation and Increase Your Revenue! PLANS & PRICING

Where Do My Reviews Go?

We Automatically Push 4 and 5 Star Reviews Out To Sites You Choose

As your online reviews come in, they are posted in every search engine, review site and social media site that matters. The eEndorsements Review Platform encourages your clients to engage and provides a feedback system that allows you to build your business, increase your revenue and create client trust through peer to peer, automated review management.

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